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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Call for Participation

I got some lame ideas for a short dialog, but don't wanna spoil the images with balloons right now.
Anyway, feel free to write a comment with your ideas for text!


Francesco said...

maybe my idea is not the best..

1) could it possibly be..
2) him ???
3) taylor should know about it.

I dunno, but imho the name taylor seemes to fit the mood of the scene.

Oliver said...

hehe...Taylor reminds me too much of numerical approximations.

Here are some responds I got on some forums. I'll post them one by one for the sake of clarity.

Oliver said...

Kri$topher T. 26/California:

I wouldn't put in any. The ambiguity of it all is what makes this work. Let's us want to know what's going on. Don't just come out and tell us. Because it will probably be a letdown no matter what you put in there.

Oliver said...

Pixel Perfect Images 48/California

Leave it... unless you are creating a strip. Otherwise just leave it.

Oliver said...

Paul 39/California

No bubbles - no text. Just leave it...

Oliver said...

Brandon Vincent 24/Utah

you could use the line "nappy headed ho's", it seems to be quite popular these days.

Oliver said...

Cool Mike 29/Illinois

"Bitch stole my fish..."

Oliver said...

Chris 27/Indiana

If you have to put in text put it on the margins somewhere, it would be a real shame to cover any of the picture

Oliver said...

Miss Night Photography 23/Oregon

I honestly think that this picture is perfect with out words. In fact it would be something I would buy. It speaks volumes alone.

Oliver said...

Steven 28/Montana

This guy looks a bit old to be a drug dealer.

I wonder what he's waiting for?

You think this guy knows what's going on around here? He looks like he's waiting for something. Not a person insight.

People can't just disappear like this. There has to be others.

I have no clue man. But it's great work. I can't wait to see more.

Oliver said...

CBPJ 46/Massachusetts

Heres my take... : P

1. Fluke up there?
2. Yup...
3. I'm gonna need backup...

Oliver said...

The Curious Kitty 18/Alabama

I made this up pretty quickly and I felt like having fun with it... so don't laugh at my weak attempt too much

First Frame

Middle-Aged Man:
Pork chops or lamb chops? I ahve been standing for over ten minutes in front of Sue's Market, yet I still can't decide! PORK CHOPS OR LAMB CHOPS?!

Old Man:
Hey there young man, spilling your soul to obtain spiritual truth?

Middle-Aged Man:

Second Frame

Old Man:
The soul knows not what the mind wants, but we must look towards a higher source of power in order to achieve any kind of truths. Look not towards yourself, in endless inquisitions, but towards those are more experienced and knowledgeable towards the world. Get what I mean, puffy hair?

Third Frame

Middle-Aged Man:
I guess the lamb chops are on sale. Better get those. Thanks old man! Saved me a buck!

Oliver said...

Conor 91/California

First box: Another day....

Second box: "sigh"

Third box: Gotta do what I gotta do

Oliver said...

So I guess I go without text :)

Lara Salonen said...

I kind of agree... its like how some artists never title their pieces, why give away too much? Every photo/piece of art could me so many different things if you leave it up to the viewer's interpretation! Let their minds think.. and they will look at it longer ;).

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