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Monday, April 9, 2007

New Series - Street Portraiture

A colorful collection of people I photographed spontaneously on the streets or at parties. All images are a bit "draganized".


Anonymous said...

wow, respect. very nice pictures, i love it.

greetz from stuttgart, shape

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i like it too. by the way, have u some tips for me, how i can adapt portrait-photos -or sth. like that- with photoshop?

Anonymous said...

You mean towards beauty? A common thing is to carefully use a blurring filter like "dust & scratches" to smooth the skin. You can apply this filter to the whole image and than use a layer mask to make sure it only affects the skin, but neither the hair nor the eyes should be blurred. The eyes should be sharpened. Hair should only be sharpened a bit, otherwise it looks like straw. If you want to remove spots and wrinkles, you should try the healing patch of Photoshop CS2. It does an amazing job. What else? Pretty much every software comes with a dodge tool. You can use this to make teeth and eyes a bit brighter.
If you're looking to create an effect like in this series, forget all this and google "draganizing".

Anonymous said...

Oh yes... Andrzej Dragan... no one knows exactly what he does.. but that man is a genius. Such an inventive person. I love how even these days, where most things have become cliche, we still have creative minds that we can learn from!

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