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Friday, December 31, 2010

Snow Storm Street Scene

Because of popular demand, I'll keep posting snow storm pictures from New York, but what I actually wanted to do is wishing you a good start into 2011! Anybody has cool and inspiring resolutions? I don't have one. I just returned back home to Germany after almost eight years in the states. I guess that's change enough. Any resolution would be pretty redundant at this point.

It's really cool to be at home. I'm taking it slow. My hometown is somewhat slow paced anyway, and also pretty much snowed in. I'm spending New Year's at home with my grandpa who is now 93 years old. Even at this age, he is still the one fixing and repairing all kinds of things around the house. My family is pretty (re)productive, so he happens to also have a couple more grand children, five grand-grand-sons, two grand-grand-daughters, as well as a grand-grand-grand-daughter and a grand-grand-grand-son. Some of these newer family members barely know me as I obviously haven't been around much. They probably just see me as this weird uncle from America :)

Anyway, wishing you a great start into 2011!!!


Anonymous said...

That´s what I wish you! Thank you for your great pictures, this one smells like going home...

I don´t feel cold at all -
carrying music inside..

Oliver said...

Thank you!

"Ich bin nicht
weiß nicht mal,
wohin ich will.

Aber seit ich
mich bewege,
ist die Richtung

Did you write this?

Joseph said...

a lovely, evocative image...

well seen, well captured, and well done!

I enjoy your blog. Keep it coming.

May the good light be with you!

Michael Hubrich said...

Hallo Oliver,

sehe mir schon seit einigen Monaten regelmäßig deine tollen Bilder an.
Willkommen in good old Germany. Back at home.
Wenn du irgendwann einmal im Ruhrgebiet Bilder machen solltest, melde dich doch ganz einfach mal.

Oliver said...

Danke, komme bei Gelegenheit drauf zurueck!

snirgel said...

"They probably just see me as this weird uncle from America :)"...hehe...and now you are just the weird uncle :D. Welcome back....

Oliver said...

Haha! I had the same thought.

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