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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rainy Night

A rainy night in Havana.

Scott London
I have an interesting link for you today. Ivan just left a comment on my latest Burning Man image with a link to the website of a philosophical journalist named Scott London. Scott shows 100 great images from the last BM, but also 100 images from 2009, 08, 07, all the way to 2005. What I found interesting, he also photographed Salton Sea - maybe you remember my posts from this place. I only have scratched the surface of the page so far, but it seems to be intellectually very stimulating Here is the link for you.


James Howe said...

Classic shot, love the old car and the wet pavement. Wonderful black & white image.

Oliver said...

Thank you James!

www.yvanmorinphotography.com said...

Thanks for sharing the link, l like his photos...so yours.

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