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Monday, December 27, 2010


This is what New York City looked like yesterday after only a couple of hours of snowing. Isn't it crazy what's going on with the weather right now? I escaped the flooding in Southern California. Last week I stayed away from Europe because of the icy chaos that is going on over there. Between those two places I felt like on a safe island here in New York. Today I'm trying to fly again and suddenly the city looks like this. But I must admit that I don't mind. It's beautiful.



Que bela foto!

Anonymous said...

YES! Really beautiful!

3 Weeks of Snow in Germany, but still it is great!
But I don't know, if I still say that in three months *g*.

Oliver said...

I hope you won't find out ;-)

Tara said...

Very pretty. It's been a weird winter in Denver - not much snow at all.

Carlos said...

A good Lederhose is the right choice for this weather :D

Oliver said...

Yes, and wurst is also very helpful.

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