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Friday, April 17, 2009

Night Nurse


Anonymous said...

lost? (in urbanity)

Oliver said...

yeah, why?

Anonymous said...

only ask me why this domain....

Oliver said...

Is it too much of a dramatization? It should simply imply: "pictures of cities taken from somewhat random vantage points"


Anonymous said...

no, i dont think that its to much of dramatization. i like it, but it sounds a little bit...melancholic. so i ask me if you and your life are ok :)?

Some tips for domain-name:
- Should be easy to remember
- the user should know how to write it
- no special word-playing things or numb3rs
- ...

'lostinurbanity' encompass all this (ok..not as good as fluck, but even a typical german girl like me could write and remember).

It's cool to see the changes of this website and your fotos. If you also will remember have a look at...maybe 2004:

Oliver said...

Yeah, I still have this page from 2004 on my computer - in a folder named "new page" :)

About LostInUrbanity.com, I might change the appearance of the page towards some kind of LostInUrbanity theme and move my name a little bit behind the scenes...maybe.

Another option would be to use the .com domain to simply showcase a selection of images, and don't change fluck.de at all.
What do you think would be better?

Anonymous said...

From my point of view you have to think about two things:
First there is the marketing-thing. If you would go more popular with your side and your photos, you should rename it to aglobaldomain.com and pimp some other things (design, seo...). If you do this, the job of this blog is making you and your photos popular with less personal content. That would be ok and good for you and your publicity.

But on the second side there is the personal and friend-thing. You are far away from germany and all your old friends. This blog is a possibility to connect to you, to see what you do and to share in your life. That will disappear, if you change the kind of communication of this side and so to us.

Sure, the third possibility is, to make a second blog: fluck.de behind the scenes and about you. But: How much time would you spent for writing? I think two blogs are not realistic (in a bigger space of time).

Nochmal kurz auf deutsch: Ich persönlich finds ok, wenn du das ganze ein bißchen professioneller aufziehen würdest, denn der Andrang scheint ja recht groß zu sein. Ich wäre allerdings auch ein wenig traurig, denn wie schon erwähnt ist ein/dieser Blog eine Möglichkeit, etwas von dir mitzubekommen. Es ist eben Olis Blog und wenn dus professioneller aufziehst, dann ist es zwar nachvollziehbar aber nicht mehr dasselbe.
Ich weiß allerdings nicht, ob ich nicht die Einzige bin, die dies so sieht und schätzungsweise bin ich da in der Prioritätenliste nicht an oberster Stelle :).
Aber natürlich würde ich bestimmt auch weiterhin für jede Art von rumgemotze und auch Webseiten-Hilfe zur Verfügung stehen ;). Btw: what about your icq?

Ui, das war aber jetzt ein langer Kommentar (und fast schon emotional aufgeladen:))...ich glaub da muss ich erstmal Urlaub machen :P. See you on sout-east-asia next time....

Oliver said...

What's aglobaldomain? And what's seo?
Mixing in personal stuff sounds maybe unprofessional in a pure business sense, but when it comes to such photography, I think it gives pictures some kind of context, don't you think?
The same idea is behind the domain name, it might give a hint/context to someone who doesn't know it. That was my idea behind LostInUrbanity.com.

After all it's nothing you do to seriously make money, it's a craft and maybe an outlet for yourself. If your hobby brings in a few bucks, that's fantastic, but I wouldn't dare counting on it in any way.

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