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Wednesday, April 8, 2009



Konrad said...

Wow, very nice series! All done at Coney Island?

Oliver said...

Yes, I used this cheap super-zoom...a lot of fun.

Sid said...

Thanks for sharing you beautiful photos!

diego said...

Hey Oliver,
I really like the variety of subjects in your pictures.
Very nice series about people here!
btw, what lens did you use for this kind of pictures? (Actually I am wondering how close to them you got, to take these pictures...)
I was wondering if people usually realize you are shooting at them and if you have to ask their acceptance to public their images on the web.
I am very attracted by people photography but privacy law here in Italy makes everything very complicated...

Oliver said...

Those were taken with a 28-200mm lens @200mm.
I believe/hope that what I'm doing here is okay. Everything I read about it seems a bit fuzzy.

The quintessence seems to be that your privacy rights are limited once you leave your backyard and walk around in public. You might be recorded by surveillance cameras and you might cross way with people who carry cameras.

If I alter them or put them in any other way in an improper context, or simply use them commercially without the people's permission, I'm pretty sure that would be illegal.

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