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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Don't let them fool ya!

The dates on my blog magically disappeared after the last template switch, but you can trust me, people will try to fool you today!

I just remembered a picture that kind of fits:

Probably my very first photography experiment. Taken in 2001 with a 2MP camera from Olympus. My dad bought this thing a couple of years earlier for 2,000 Deutsche Mark.

Wait a second...did you just read this? I think I'm old now. Once someone is a witness of totally outdated technology, bought for ridiculous prices in currencies that don't exist anymore, this person is officially old. That's how the word "old" should be defined in dictionaries.

About the image: I copied my picture into the image of an Adam Sandler movie poster using some funky software which probably doesn't exist anymore either.

Back in the days people used to tell me I look like Sandler, so I thought this is funny. Now I know it's not really funny at all. That's another great thing about getting older: you start noticing more things. When I'm two minutes older from now, I will probably notice how useless this post was :)


Mila Jones said...

On your layer, adjust your levels to lighten the highlights, then adjust your color levels to add more green. This will give you the same contrast and skin tone as Sandler, lol ;)


Oliver said...

Or maybe I'm just more orange than Sanlder.

Anonymous said...


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