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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Reading Recommendation

You know what I noticed? I'm actually doing something here I'm not used to do in real life: Talking without anyone asking me to do so. Feels weird sometimes. However, I hate personal websites that are never updated. You visit them after half a year or longer and nothing has changed...urgh.
A blog is a good way to keep a page interesting and gives shy people like me the opportunity to shout out stuff. For example that Lipton makes the best chicken-noodle soup in the world (that's confirmed by that HipHop dude in this grocery shop at 2nd Avenue and 29th street).
However, Google-Analytics keeps telling me that about 15 visitors come to this particular page :-) every day, so it cannot be that bad.

What I actually wanted to say: I just found this magazine called JPG today while browsing through all kinds of literature at Barnes & Nobles. It's a total mystery to me why I didn't find it earlier. I want to recommend it. When you open it the very first time, you already understand that this magazine is made by cool people. Every single picture is a pleasure to look at, stories and interviews are interesting and there are almost no ads in it. The interesting thing about it: All these great images in this mag are submitted by the readers (who are mostly unknown photographers) and also selected by the readers who vote for the pictures on the JPG website. And these are not just 15 like here, these are many many thousands of people keeping the quality high. Very nice concept.
If you are looking for practical tips about how to take better pictures and help about what to buy, I personally like this British magazine called Practical Photography. It's very basic and good to get started.


snirgel said...


Carlos said...

hey olli, your chicken link is broken

Oliver said...

Yes, shy.
I fixed the chicken link.

snirgel said...

is that the english word for "schüchtern", isn't it?

Oliver said...

I'm too shy to answer this question.

carlos said...

snirgel, i recommend you to consult http://dict.leo.org to brush up your knowledge ;)

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