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Friday, March 9, 2007

Museum Shots

Taken at the Art Institute of Chicago


cagil said...

Wow very nice, and I think for the first time with your pics the frames are just perfect. :)

Oliver said...

Haha...yeah I'm bad with frames. I think the frame of the upper one could actually be a bit stronger.

spiros said...

hi flucki, hi cegil. greetz from germany.
yeah nice frame, with damn circular corners. and nice chair too. maybe for a furniture katalogue?! :j
i should try frames also on a few of my pics.

Oliver said...

I think they work well, because the pictures are so plain.

Lara's Photography said...

I think the more simple the photo, the better it is sometimes. Complex subjects don't always transfer well into photography so these, especially this first one of the chair are very nice to look at. The first one is just spot on. Perfect composition. You did a fab. job!

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