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Friday, September 4, 2009

Stories that start with image sensors suck!

What can you possibly tell when posting such an image? I wish there was a story to it that's of any interest.

Let's try this:

One day, I brought my image sensor up Empire State Building. He hasn't been there yet so I thought I would show him around. He was so delighted by the view, he said: "hold still! Hold still! I wanna collect those photons, they match so well together!" - and it turned out really pretty. When we came home from our trip my computer looked kind of jealous, sitting at home all day: "let me see what you guys got", said the computer quite angrily. My camera proudly handed out all those red, green and blue pixels it produced. The camera was startled to see the computer's defiant actions when turning all the beautiful colors into different shades of gray. When my screen saw the result, he first carefully looked at the two brawlers who had turned their backs to each other, then smiled at me, knowing this was the result I was looking for.

This one is funny:
American children stories end with: "And they all lived happily ever after."
You wanna know how the German version of this sentence goes?
It goes like this: "And if they didn't die, then they are still living today."



Joseph Orsillo said...

stunning! i especially love well tone mapped b&w HDR. Bravo~

Steffi said...

Wow! The black and white really kicks in here! Love it! :-)

B. Moore said...

Another AMAZING Picture of NYC!

Highton-Ridley said...

A really great capture - I love the range of tones and the chaotic geometry. Rare to see others using HDR on b&w - I thought I was the only one! (Well, sort of...)

Oliver said...

Thank you all for commenting.
@Highton: Where can I see your work? I'm curious now?

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