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Thursday, September 17, 2009

NYC Rooftops Print

That's another version of the Rooftop picture. The colors are a bit warmer, and that's what it looks like when printed very large. I haven't seen any of my pictures in such a size yet, but Mr. G.Ero, the brother of this young lady here (the lady happens to be the talented Miss Hoepner) made it happen. He is also the one who gave me access to this view.

Dear people, If you happen to have access to a spot with a decent view, please consider inviting me to take some pictures. It usually doesn't take longer than half an hour, and I will return the favor by sharing the full-resolution image files with you.

mail: oliver@fluck.de


Luke Hanyok said...

Nice! I really appreciate those subtle blue tones mixed in there.

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