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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Seen.by goes US

I have the pleasure to show my work in another photo show that will open this month. Seen.by does its very first exhibition in the US, hosted by the OMC gallery in Huntington Beach, CA.
There is a press release on Facebook.
The list of featured artists goes like this:

Lena Beleke
Peter W. Czernich
Christine Ellger
Oliver Fluck
Matthias Just
Till Melchior
Thomas Schweizer
Harald Seiwert

At this point I could actually also tell you that I'm preparing a photo show in my hometown in Germany. It will be a series of cityscape prints mostly of size 80x60cm (32x24 inches) with 'plex'-finish.

Here are all three exhibitions ordered by opening date:

September 24: Seen.by US exhibition, OMC Gallery, Huntington Beach, CA (09/24 - 10/31)
October 7: "41 People in Costumes", Small World Coffee, Princeton, NJ (10/07 - 11/03)
October 29: "Amerikanische Stadtlandschaften", St. Vinzenz Krankenhaus, Limburg a.d. Lahn, Germany (10/29 - end of year)


carlos said...

St. Vinzenz - I know that I´m a smart ass :)

Oliver said...

I had so many errors in this one, you wouldn't believe it. Or maybe you would. Anyway..thanks.

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