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Friday, August 14, 2009

Leica S2 - What do you think?

A new camera with a DSLR look and feel, but with a larger sensor, and thus with more pixels (37.5). It's built by Leica and has a price tag of $22,995. This is for the body only. Lenses start at $4,495.

What do you think about this? When I first heard about it I couldn't imagine anybody paying this kind of money for a photo camera.
Having not much of an idea about medium format, I later on noticed that there is quite some excitement about having medium format in such a body with such a "high" frame rate (1.5 fps).

I think it's still an unbelievable amount of money for a cam. Can someone enlighten me about medium format? How superior can it be to let's say a 5D Mark II?


Vincent said...

I want one for my birthday (with a nice set of lenses and a brand new top of the line computer, of course!)

The price difference doesn't match the quality difference if you compare it with the 5D for example, but it's the next step and will mean even better low grain high ISO results and HQ blown up printing for lets say, your wall or something!
And, more important... it looks really cool!
I will probably need a new top of the line computer as well for processing the 37.5 mp!!!

Kerri said...

I think the point is similar to the same one when shooting with film: 35mm film can't record the same amount of detail that medium format film can record. Likewise a larger sensor with more megapixels will record a more detailed and less noisy image than a similarly packed sensor that is 35mm sized (or smaller). But you'd really only see the improvements at 100%, on a wall-sized poster (okay, exaggerating there a bit), and possibly in low light (IF the amount of megapixels is low enough to allow for larger photosites than the equivalent 35mm photosite).

Is the premium worth it? I have no idea, having never used one - I'm quite happy with my little APS-C sized sensors, though I wouldn't hesitate to jump at a 5Dm2 given the right justification ($$$), but I suppose if really large prints and/or really low light imagery were your life-blood, the premium might well be worth it.

For me however, my computer has enough trouble dealing with 15mp, let alone 21 on the 5Dm2, and definitely would go nuts if handed 37+mp. (Phase One has a 60mp camera!!! Yikes!) Even so, one of those cameras would be oh, so, cool, and I wouldn't refuse one handed to me (like that'll happen!)

Oliver said...

OK, it's the next step. But are we not most likely gonna see the next step in a year or two in the regular pro marked for just a small fraction of this price?
When I think about it...someone probably has to do this first step first, and doing this is expensive. Leica is the kind of company that can afford to do this because Leica users are the ones that are willing to pay tons of money.
I have this camera store close by where I can go and try all kinds of lenses and cameras. I somehow doubt they will have one an S2 in their shop in the near future, but if so, I would really like to try it.

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