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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Wedding Attempt

I had the opportunity to take some wedding pictures for a friend.

Only recently I noticed that there is wedding photography out there that I actually find interesting. Not that I don't like wedding pics, but photography wise, I often find them a little dull after a while.

When I saw a friends wedding pictures taken by Alison Mayfield (who belongs to the Christian Oth Studio), I noticed how nicely it can be combined with street photography. So I had the chance to try, Steffi and I accompanied freshly married Tim and Emilia on the streets for what I think was an hour. Luckily, when you are in New York City, scenery almost always looks kind of OK, perfect for some spontaneous shooting - here are my favorites.


Catalin said...

Love the last shot. The peoplein the bus bring a great dimension to the photograph!

Nicole' said...

I too like the last photo - intimate moment portrayed and the smiles of the people on the bus add to the delight of the moment.

Fang Xu said...

love the mood expressed by the photos. They kind of reminded me of scenes in "sex and the city" :)

Oliver said...

That's not what I had in mind - but that might actually be a good thing. Didn't know you watch Sex and the City :-)

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