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Thursday, May 14, 2009


This picture looks so random that I almost started justifying its existence, but I'll keep myself from doing that. Pictures that come with less text are often more interesting...I heard.

One thing that I noticed though, while going through those photographs for the first time was the name of this restaurant. It instantly reminded me of an ex-roommate of mine who used to always call me Oliva. She did this to mimick my pathetic attempts in pronouncing my own name in American English. I think I improved a lot in pronouncing it, but she still calls me Oliva. She does that with such a passion, I fear that she will keep doing that foreva.
Anyway, just a little story on the side in case this photograph doesn't tell you anything.


cagil said...

really cool picture and you cracked me up with that story :)
seriously, i would like to see more pictures of this sort if possible.

Christian Bari said...

hi Oliver, this picture is fantastic! Funny story to go with your funny story, I'm the owner of the place and have been trying desperately to get the perfect shot of the outside to put on our new site that's about to launch...this looks like it! Can we buy your shot? And have you been into Oliva to hang with us before?Christian info@olivanyc.com

cagil said...

See? I told you! We need to see more pictures like this. :-)

Now I have to go check out this place Oliva since they have such cool owners!

Bob Kelly said...

Hi Oliver, Christian is a cousin, by marriage. After you started following me on Twitter (BobKelly999), I went to your blog and saw this photograph, and passed it on into the family.

I thought that you might find the social connections to be interesting.

Bob rakelly1@verizon.net

Oliver said...

Oh, that's how it went! Twitter is such an interesting concept. Thanks for passing it on!

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