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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

NY Globe as Desktop Wallpaper

You can download it in 1440x900 right here.
If you find this useful thank @digideth on twitter - he had the idea. If you wish any other image in any screen resolution, just post a comment here or send me a tweet: twitter.com/fluck


robert said...

thank you! this makes my desktop to one of my favorite applications. ;-)

Bill said...

That's awesome! Thanks for making this available as a wallpaper.

Desktop Wallpapers said...

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Svetozar said...

wow, great!
can you post this same on in 1680x1050?

Oliver said...

I should. This wallpaper is getting a lot of attention - many hits through search engines.

Rick said...

Amazing picture Fluck. Amazing.

Oliver said...


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