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Sunday, May 3, 2009

First full Prison Chess Portrait

When I step back and look at this blog from a distance, I notice that the mix between colorful cityscapes, people in funny costumes and prisoners is a bit weird.

However, there are many things you can use a camera for, and besides catching nice colors, it can also be a very efficient tool to open up your own eyes for all kinds of things.

For me, that's the beauty of being an amateur. Whether intentionally or not, you can explore the world while hunting for good subjects, and as wider your hunting ground gets, as more you get confronted with people, situations, and places that are usually not part of your life.

Here is a first prisoner portrait.


Stephen Holmes said...

Love this series of photos. The stories are amazing. Although guilty of heinous crimes, it's amazing how focused and peaceful the look is when sitting in front of the chess board. Great stuff!

Jakov Cordina said...

Fantastic mate... a very nice idea. keep up the good work

Oliver said...

Thanks for your comments.
Stephen, it's very hard for me to get it into my mind. Most of these inmates are such pleasant and smart people, you would never expect them to do such things.

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