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Friday, February 27, 2009

Times Square - yet another one


Anonymous said...

Im not sure about your new fisheye-style.....(rein subjektiv natürlich ;))

Konrad said...

What about showing a straightened picture?
The sky in this one is really impressive!
btw: The cookie was also great! Did you find again the dates in the new template? I really liked to see the dates connected to the blog.

Oliver said...

Nobody likes the fisheye? I'm horrified! Besides the unconventional optics, I like it for two reasons:
When you take a picture, you never struggle. Everything you want to be in the picture will be in it, no matter where you are standing :)
When you process the image later on, you don't need to worry about perspective correction, because everything is distorted anyway :)
To me, it moves photography from being a bit on the headache-side to being more on the fun-side.
I'll post a corrected version later.
And yeah, the dates...where the heck are they? I'm bothered by that, too - gotta look into this...

Francesco said...

We are into the fisheye.. it is a bit experimental but quite an eyecandy..

Francesco and family

Oliver said...

Francesco AND family?
That's 4:2 for the fisheye :)

Steffi said...

5:2 :-)

Anonymous said...

i'm not against the fisheye. Generally i like it. But concerning your photos my hm....problem?..is, that they are the same photos like ever only with fisheye optic.

Oliver said...

Yeah, the photographer is till the same, and there is not much you can do about it :-)
Maybe I will evolve in different directions, once I'm not in the vicinity of this city anymore. For my remaining time here, I will probably experiment with those landmarks as often as I can.
It's interesting to bring new optics to a familiar place and see what difference it makes.
I feel much less limited with this beast of a lens - it's kind of mighty! :)

Anonymous said...

and your biggest critic is also till the same :-)

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