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Friday, February 6, 2009

New Design

As I mentioned earlier, I want this page pop a little more, and also show visitors highlights that are for sale no matter through which page they enter this website. I can easily analyze the effect of those changes by checking the so called "bounce rate" in Google-Analytics. So this is probably the last change of a progressive re-design, at least for the blog section. The shop and the gallery still look like before, but will be changed after this template proofs OK. As usual, your input is appreciated.

About the template. The original template is a music theme called Gramophonica, and can be found here. My picture in the header was originally taken by Elia Mariani (greetings to Italy!) on a beautiful evening in Brooklyn. I think that was in 2005.

So! Now you know everything about it.

Oh! And my 5D Mark II finally arrived. I ordered it together with a fantastic fisheye lens, but that's another story.


diego said...

I have to say, the first time I saw this new design, I was a bit confused, probably just because things were not arranged as usual. But after a few clicks I started to appreciate the wider spaces and larger thumbnails of this new version.

Oliver said...

Good. The thumbnails are just as large as I had them recently with the old design. I think it's better because you can really get an idea of the images without being forced to click on each.

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