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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Princeton killing Cornell

So here it is: the very first '5D Mark II' picture I'm posting. Let me welcome you to the full-frame/fisheye age on fluck.de with a slam dunk by Kareem Maddox of the Princeton Tigers.

About the lens: It's the Sigma 15mm 2.8 fisheye. It's a little less expensive than the Canon counterpart, but at the same time it's built nicer and produces a little bit better images - at least that's what I read.

I also read a lot about the 5D of course, so there were no surprises on that part either. This is an ISO 6400 picture. I'm all set, that all I need for now.


///DAR. said...

super fresh slam dunk!
hey! kareem maddox got the #23!
his facial expression is remarkable and his opponents' are telling...


diego said...

ISO 6400!? And I see no remarkable noise trace! Great pic... and great equipment too!

Oliver said...

6400. You see noise when zoomed into the original size. But it's still very impressive.

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