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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Creative license

Creative license is about finding the boundaries of what you can do with photography. We would like to explore images here that are the abstract edge of what is considered photography. For this theme, think about a photo as a design, composing with lines, patterns, geometry, contrast, saturation, simplicity and complexity. How can you think differently about what photography means and take creative license?

I cannot say that I 100% understand what the people of JPG Magazine had in mind when they came up with this theme, but I submitted this photograph. This is a theme for the next issue of JPG Mag and is sponsored by Adobe. That means besides money and a free magazine subscription, there are also Adobe software packages for the lucky ones who make it.

The image shows alternately concave and convex bent windows reflecting and distorting another building. I photographed this in Downtown LA two years ago.


Anonymous said...

very nice idea, only the logo seems to be wrong there.


Oliver said...

Yes, the one I submitted is in a higher resolution and without logo.

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