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Monday, November 6, 2006

First Halloween Series

Here is the first series of Halloween shots. Don't ask me why, but I somehow tend to categorize pictures all the time. As you can see, these are all male. And I promise to show pictures of females very soon. Actually, some of them I'm not sure if they are really female, which makes it hard to categorize them :-)
I'm a bit excited about this Halloween stuff. It's such a good shooting opportunity and I put some efforts in it. I think it turned out well.


Francesco said...

That's real eyecandy !
And again a nice presentation of the pictures.
I like the playing with sharp and unsharp areas.. somehow my Photos tend to be unsharp only ;)

Oliver said...

haha...then you are on the right way.

snirgel said...

I like the series, too, but Halloween isn't very cool here in germany: u remember? It's only a reimport from the u.s. and i just can shake my head about it. No tradition, only an advertising tactic.
When we'll see some picture from your studio-shot?

Oliver said...

I didn't want to post any other studio pics. I find them boooring. But I definitely post a picture of a lingerie package with my picture on it, as soon as I find one in the stores!

snirgel said...

Oh, i thought, that you have some more spectacular studio-pictures. However, say oliver, were you concern yourself in macro-photografie? I think this is one of the greatest kind of photografie and u should make a series about the microcosm?

Oliver said...

The lingerie was nice, but the pictures are very plain.
Macro is a good idea. I don't have a lens for that, though.

SteveR said...

Oliver, these Halloween photos of yours are really first-class! You did such a good job getting wonderful expressions from your subjects, and your composition and colors are a joy to look at.

Thank you for the very kind comments you left on my blog! Also, for the corrected German - I know a lot of vocabulary from listening to my parents over the years and travelling in Germany, but I never studied the language, so my grammer knowledge is nill.

Oliver said...

I'm glad you like them. I have another set of such pictures coming. I think I will put them together this weekend.

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