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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Even the birds don't know what's going on

What's going on with the weather these days? It's fooling everybody pretending it's spring.

Skate session, Philadelphia:


Anonymous said...

Hey man,
Yeah today was fun. I was the kid with blond hair who boardslid the rail. If you couldn't understand my poor writing my email is stupid_hemp@yahoo.com. You should come down to city hall more often and take pictures!

Oliver said...

Yes, I got your email. I will most likely send you pictures on Sunday. See you next time.

joed123 said...

Alright cool, I guess even if they weren't tricks we made but look cool you can send them too. And did you take any picture of the city or just some spots?

I really like those NYC picture you took, especially the one with the bridge. What kind of camera are you using?

Oliver said...

I didn't take pictures of Philly since a long time. I used to do that a lot, but ran into trouble whenever I was around at night. Every other dude things he needs to shake hands with you, chat and ask for money afterwards. Sometimes they try to sell you empty boxes for a hundred bucks, telling you it's a stolen laptop computer and cops talking about terrorism and want to put you in jail when you take a picture of a bridge. One time a cap driver escorted me through downtown all the way to my car for free. Telling me how much he admires Hitler and asked me not to walk in Philly at night. It's a nice city, but can be weird at night. I use a Canon 20D.

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