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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Last week was Thanksgiving. I remember last year. Cagil and I went to the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade. Very early, very cold. I didn't know that there is not much more going on than clowns and big balloons. At the end it turned out to be fun, but this year it even rained all morning so I simply stayed at home. These photographs are from 2005. I like clowns as long as they don't try to be funny.


Anonymous said...

Moin !
good idea to mark your pictures.
maybe you should mark the older ones as well.
Subject waether:
Yesterday was the first november day day ever that i had to wear a t-shirt... maybe i can start planting palmtrees in my garden ;)


Anonymous said...

moin moin!

Yes, I like the transition when it turns from winter to spring. It feels like it every other day.

I don't think I will go through the older stuff marking it. But might keep it up with future postings.

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