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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Scarf Dance

Do you mind if I photograph you?
I don't mind, but I think I have a cramped muscle.
And I have only 14 frames left on my memory card.
We are a good match.


Anonymous said...

Great composition!

Oliver said...

Thank you. I just spent half an hour debating about the crop.

Howard J said...

Great backstory! love the comp, you nailed it! Was this dawn? love the soft light.

Oliver said...

Late afternoon, I think. The light there is special. Everything is bright there and the dust works well as diffuser.

Karin said...

My first thought was "That's just perfect!". After reading the comments, though, (and staring a the picture for quite a while) I started wondering if it might be worth a try to give her just a little bit more space to her left? Either way, this shot is absolutely stunning!

Oliver said...

On the left, that's the real edge of the original image. Even if I wanted, I couldn't give it a try. But I'm also pretty happy with the way I framed her.

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