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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Take Off to Burning Man

In a few hours I'll be on my way to the Burning Man "festival". It's commonly described as "an art event and temporary community based on radical self expression and self-reliance". I believe this is going to be a somewhat extreme experience as I have never been there and especially because I'm going all by myself.
Because I'm starting from Southern California, I will be first driving for 12 hours to get there. The fastest way seems to be the 395 which -according to some websites- seems to be a major attraction by itself.

What I also read is that the desert where Burning Man is located has a very unfriendly climate. Besides very high temperatures during the day, and very low temperatures at night, the most difficult thing to handle are sudden dust storms. The fact that you cannot buy anything at the Burning Man except coffee, tea and ice made me buy lots of stuff I would regularly never buy. It has been recommended for survival, so here we go.

In order to get around in this Mad-Max-like city of 50,000 people, I also got this old black beach cruiser with silver flames on it ^^

Publication of photography and recordings is very restricted from the organziers, however, they gave me a permit. If everything works out well, you will find pictures right here starting next week. Till then I have to say arrivederci, as I will be cut off from the outside world once I'm there.



John Maffei said...

Good Luck Oliver!! Have Fun!!

Oliver said...

Thanks, John!

Unknown said...

I'm that 35mm film I see on that pile of stuff? And what are you doing with sponges in the desert? Please don't use them on your Glass.
Enjoy your trip!

Oliver said...

No film, Holger. And the sponges...I don't know. Maybe I will clean pots with them.

Doing the dishes at Burning Man...hurray, the Germans are here! :)

mel said...

Have a blast! :) Enjoy your time there!

a.q.s. said...

i can't wait for some photos! :)

wow... zain, my brother, had mentioned the packing but this is wild!

Oliver said...

I came back home this morning and I'm still overwhelmed. Pictures coming soon!

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