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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Liquid Heaven

First try photographing in the water (click on the image to enlarge for a better in-water-experience).

Have you ever walked deep into the ocean while holding a Canon 5D II? I'm telling you, it's a strange feeling. While paddling around on a surfboard the other day I came to the conclusion that I need some sort of underwater housing for my camera to capture such beautiful moments. Now the typical price tag for such a piece of equipment is ridiculously high if you ask me. I understand it's a tiny niche and the housings are customized for each model, but $1500 for playing around a little is just too much in my case. After some searching and discussion with friends on twitter, I finally found something that does the job for much less money. I got this one for just $95. After the first test run I can tell you that the camera staid perfectly dry.


Anonymous said...

You could have rented a professional under water housing as well.

Oliver said...

Yes, I looked into this. It turned out that renting one also costs hundreds.

chandler said...

would a ziplock bag work?
i mean put it in ziplock then moment of shot take it out, take picture than put it back in ziplock. ziplock bags are like 25 cents and it would keep water off camera during transportation. just gota make sure ya dont drop it.

how did you take 3 exposures for HDR as waves constantly move??

Oliver said...

Hi Chandler, A ziplock bag for transportation might be fine. However, once you are standing deep in wavy water with the camera out of the bag, it is very likely it gets damaged. Even in a quiet lake I would find it risky. In the ocean I got suddenly knocked over by waves while looking through the viewfinder ending up completely under water several times. Don't even try that without a real housing.

The picture has only a tiny little bit of HDR in it made from a single exposure. It is actually very very close to the original picture.

Steve Skinner said...

I love this! And I thank you for the cheaper than water housing product. I got to get me one of these. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Oliver said...

My pleasure!

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