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Monday, October 27, 2008

Youtube Slideshow

After I saw my work on a slideshow on youtube, I had the glorious idea to make one myself :-)
I thought that the colorful cityscape stuff works best when put together to something that has energy. As music I chose a song by Chemical Brothers called "All Rights Reversed". I simply went through some CDs while driving home from work and tried to picture how the images would go with the music. When All Rights Reversed was playing, I already had all kinds of ideas for panning and zooming. Next was the quest for a good software. I tried two or three until I tried a program called Magix Xtreme PhotoStory. The free trial can basically do everything the full version can do.

Towards the end of my editing I did quite some fine tuning, but after uploading the video to Youtube, I noticed that in the first couple of scenes the music is not 100% synchronized. That's bothering me a little, but I'll leave it like that for now.

I believe that if you like my pictures, you will like this video. I recommend you to turn the volume up and set to full screen. By default, Youtube shows a highly down-sampled version, but I noticed that when you go on the Youtube page, there is also a link to a version of higher quality.


Anonymous said...

i wrote a long text and after submitting my connection was destroyd...ok..again..grrrr:

dear oliver,
cool stuff. Like the video and think its much better than the other one. But, its much easier with the high-resolution-photos, because you can simulate the moves of a real moviecam. like this kind of movies with static images.
If you wanna make more like that: Make some apertures (not sure about the english word, mean 'Blende' in Germany) between the single photos. So you get smother and softer transitions and with that simple trick your film looks more professional.
But i think, you didnt spend a lot of time to that film, because you have to write your dissertation :P. But very cool, that you find some time for such things, more please :)

Oliver said...

Yes, I have the high-res material, and it wasn't meant as a competition of course.
Hmm...the aperture idea is great. One could probably also simulate it with some lens-blur filtering, but yeah one needs time for that :-/

Anonymous said...

i know, that it was no competition...only want to say, that the high-resolution is sure the better one, only as statement ;)

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