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Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Design

I more or less spontaneously gave this page a new look. The old one bothered me since a while and I finally changed it when I found a good template a couple of days ago. I actually didn't like any until I found this one (called Ambiru) on geckoandfly.com. The one on the Gecko page only works with the classic blogger. An XML version can be found on blogcrowds.com.
Besides the fresh look, there are also two new features. A chatbox/guestbook and the blog has a German version now. You can click on those little flags to switch between both versions. I hope it won't create too much of an overhead writing both. Shouldn't be that bad, though. You might see some small adjustments during the next couple of days, that depends on discussions with my web design consultant Snirgel. :)


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