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Friday, January 11, 2008

Interesting night yesterday

Last night was quite interesting. First I went to the monthly photo club meeting. The speaker was Kate Ware, the curator of photography at the Philadelphia Art Museum. She talked a little about her projects as a curator and then gave a presentation about Lee Miller, a female photographer, model and war correspondent who did a lot of surreal work, mostly in the 1930s and 40s. Those presentations work especially well, when a speaker is somewhat fascinated by the topic. I had the feeling that this was the case, so it was a pleasure to listen.
Later on I wanted to do some final touch ups on one of my images over a cup of tea, so I went to Starbucks where I got to talk to Connelly Barnes, a grad student at Princeton. He saw what I did and we talked a little about "gigapixel images" - the creation of photographes 100-300 times larger than what you capture with an everage camera. The results are truly impressive, check out the link below. Connelly also drew my attention to a Princeton lecture series called slasharts ( /@rts), where he recently got to listen to Clifford Ross. Ross invented a camera that captures the analogues equivalent to gigapixel images.


Princeton Photography Club
Lee Miller
Connelly Barnes
Gigapixel Images
/@rts Lecture Series
Clifford Ross


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