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Monday, January 15, 2007

View from Istanbul

I regret that I haven't been on one of those islands. But time is limited, especially for people who sleep long...


Anonymous said...

very nice ocean panorama dude.
in 3months I travel to greece and i am very happy about this :) greetz to cegil


Oliver said...

Didn't you just come back from there? I would be very happy, too.

Lara's Photography said...

This is beautiful.
We have a few small islands out in Lake Michigan. We live on the beach here and can see the islands every time we go to the waterfront.
I have never been to them though. BUT!!! They have just opened a ferry cruise liner up the street in Michigan and they have sunset tours... I plan to take one very soon to see the other lighthouses and islands that are in this area, (that I cannot get too by foot :) )
Great shot as always :)

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