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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A snapshot...

...from last weekend.


Anonymous said...

I like your pictures a lot,
do you think if I show you spots which I really adore you can catch their beauty with your camera?
So I can place them in my apartment?

Oliver said...

Yes, I would go and (try to) catch it.

Anonymous said...


Why dont you go to the beach and take some nice pics of the sand, the sky? Just before a thunder.
Maybe some pics of lonley waklking people.
I think the beach (any beach) to that time of year is very pretty.
Also the houses next to the beach.
Sometimes they remaind me of castels.

Oliver said...

Yeah, beach is always a good idea. I do that from time to time. "Islands" like Sandy Hook or Long Beach Island are very good, since you have an oceanside and also a seaside at those places. I also went to Asbury Park once to take pictures of the abandoned amusement park, but it seems like there is not much left of it.

Anonymous said...

NICE; VERY NICE ... shapemodulator

SteveR said...

Beautiful "street" photography!

Is it in the main Library at 5th & 42nd?

Oliver said...

Yes. Didn't Dave (Beckerman) call you an expert in New York architecture today? He seems to be right.

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