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Sunday, August 6, 2006

Portraiture Series

Humans like pictures of humans. Am I right? For all the humans who visit this website: Here is a new series.
For all the spambots hanging out at my page: SCREW YOU!!


Francesco said...

Nice shots!

Shapemodulator said...

hi flucki, schöne fotos mal wieder :) der marc und ich sind auf der suche nach ner guten kamera und haben uns gefragt mit was für einer du durch die gegend ziehst! was könntest du empfehlen (wir liebäugeln mit der EOS 350D) und was für objevtiv(e)? vielen thx schon mal im voraus oio und grüsse von uns beiden

Oliver said...

I try to keep this in English, if this okay for you. That might be interesting for some other readers, too.
It depends a bit on what you want to shoot. In general, the 350D is a very good camera. I like the handling of Canon SLRs - I'm using a 20D.
If I would have to buy equipment right now and I would be on a budget, I would buy the cheapest digital Canon SLR I could find in order to have enough money left for a good lens.
Let's say I'm into people photography and my remaining money is $1200 I would go for the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 USM. If the remaining money is much less, I would go for prime lenses. The Canon 85mm f/1.8 USM for about $350 is the one I have and I'm very happy with it. I shot many of the pics you see here with this lens. For example "San Francisco" or all the headshots.
You can get very good image quality for 70 bucks with a Canon 50mm f/1.8. You remember the dog in my blog? This is the 50mm one.
[Der Wurstring hat uebrignes ne 350D und auch das 50mm Objektiv]

Here are some general lens tips:

The f-number
- It tells you how far the lens can open (aperture). As smaller this number as further the lens can open. This is useful for background blurring and also makes the lens faster, which is important when not much light is available. Low quality lenses start to be not sharp anymore when you open them wide. Something you should keep in mind when doing lens shopping.

Prime lenses
- In contrary to zoom lenses, you cannot change the focal length of prime lenses. In most cases, prime lenses bring you better image quality for less money. I love them :-)

This is a good page for lens reviews: http://fredmiranda.com

Oliver said...

Oh, I just noticed how much I wrote :-)

Shapemodulator said...

thx very much dude, u r very ql ;).. your post was very usefull.
I think i'll choose the 350d cause i'll get it for less then 600€, my budget is about 900€, so i can buy a good lens too.
but i have to wait till oktober, cause my holidays (AND I NEED THE CAMERA THERE),from 20.8 to 8.9 in greece, will be very expensive. perhaps the good stuff becomes then more cheaply.

cu or write and read u

ps please forgive my english, I am not experienced. u know oio, here in germany no ones speaks your new language

Oliver said...

Seems to be a good deal.
I know it's strange to talk in English, but this is some kind of policy of my page, you know? Your English is fine anyway.

snirgel said...

Pimp my homepage III: There are some properties to block the spambots. for example u can use a rewrite or a ip-block in a .htaccess....

ps: yes, people like images from people :)

Oliver said...

I was just talking random stuff. I'm not under spambot attack :-)

snirgel said...

:)....ok...but when....;)

snirgel said...

and i mean 'possibilities' not 'properties', u see: I was just talking random stuff....

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