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Monday, November 2, 2009

Exhibitions Update

Funny that there is/was so much going on at the same time. That's usually not the case.

- The Seen.by show that took place in California ended yesterday.

- The "41 People in Costumes" show is ending on Tuesday. Actually, it's not 41 people anymore. Two pictures I didn't hang because they turned out to be not family friendly enough. There was too much blood in them. Another picture got bought by someone who needed it right away. The remaining 38 people in costumes can be seen at the Small World Coffee branch on Witherspoon Street for one more day. Tomorrow, Monday Nov 2 that is.
After that, Chris Harford will be hanging really interesting looking paintings. Here is a link.

- And last Thursday started the "American Cityscapes" exhibition in the hospital of my hometown. Steffi was there and snapped some pictures. It will be hanging till January 15 (St. Vincenz Krankenhaus).


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