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Monday, December 29, 2008

The 341 West Lurker and "all that image noise"

Hello visitor, I hope you had some nice holidays.

The 341 West Lurker was taken last October, shortly after I started using the Canon 50D. The picture was taken with ISO 800, and was slightly underexposed. I corrected the exposure in Lightroom and applied noise reduction. After using the 20D for years, and now the 50D since a couple of months, I got to say that I have problems getting used to all that image noise the 50D produces.
Often photography enthusiasts who invest in a high resolution camera have in mind that it gives the freedom to crop images and still end up with a decent resolution. One should keep also in mind that this is only fun if the image was taken with lower ISO settings. Otherwise you will not only bring up interesting details in your pictures, it will show all that image noise in great detail as well.


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