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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Low Tide

From an early morning walk along Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.
Memorial Day, 2008


fiuinha said...

I guess my favourite photo from you!

Oliver said...

After not having looked at it for almost two years, I happen to like it much more, too. Or maybe it's Annie's text that makes it more interesting.

a.q.s. said...

It is a fantastic photograph, Oliver.

It is my mother's favorite from all the different ones I have done so far in the series (she hasn't explored the rest on your website, she is still new to this internet thingy. lol. too cute). She saw this and said, "This takes my breath away. Oliver Fluck has the X factor in his lens and eye of the heart." It was between this and another one, but I left the other one for a different time, because I just liked the look of awe on my my mother's face. She is a simple woman.

Thank you for...I don't know. I want to say inspire but that's not exactly accurate. It's not that. I can't really explain it either. Maybe somethings are just filed under the "x" factor for a reason.

Much gratitude,


SD (Aspherical) said...

Nice! I like the graphic art nature of this, which makes for an interesting level of abstraction.

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