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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

San Francisco Panorama

I just remembered that I have this - thanks to Dario's post in the guestbook yesterday.
As usual the Golden Gate Bridge (on the very left) is covered in fog. The well illuminated street in the center of the image is market street which goes all the way from the Twin Peaks neighborhood to the Embarcadero.
It's probably obvious that I'm not familiar with stitching software yet. I basically put this together by hand out of many single photographs (don't remember how many). This file here is down-sampled from 275 MB to 800 KB.

Some useless text that comes with the image:
I remember that it was a hot afternoon when I walked up to that spot. I waited for some twilight in order to have some city lights in the image and was seriously freezing shortly after the sun disappeared. Rapid temperature drops are typical for San Francisco and I should have known it better. However, when I was done I tried to find someone who could give me a ride down to the city. The first people I asked was a young couple with a baby who agreed to take me. As in most cases when I talk to strangers in public they turn out to be from Germany. No idea how it happens that my compatriots and I always find each other, but it happens quite often.


Anonymous said...

When did you visit SF?!

Oliver said...

Hey Al, This one is from 2007.

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