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Friday, August 31, 2007


"We are looking for a man. About 6'3", dark hair and carrying a camera. Did you see him? He cannot be far."
"I'm sorry officer, I have no idea."


Shapemodulator said...

"...stop officers, I know him. In the web he is known as 'olo', some friends call him 'fluckie'. thats all I know....
Nice pic.

Oliver said...

Thanks Shape. The purpose of that Olo pseudonym was to keep some kind of anonymity in the web while still being recognizable by friends....gone :)

Shapemodulator said...

I am so sorry, but what is more important then the LAW, the american law!? :)
the bunny is kwel/crazy, did he really cut a hole in his costume? (i know its not the bunny post)

Oliver said...

Yes. He did.

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