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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Frankfurt Airport

I placed the camera on top of my luggage cart to do some exposure bracketing using a remote control. Kind of a tripod with wheels and without creating any attention.


Anonymous said...

ey baby ! ...besides the shot from the rockefeller center in 2006 and the kinda surreal lookin' Boston Pix you've shot last year I really like this pic the most ! _oh, yeah, the istanbul street scene is also really lovely and those sk8ers from philly are dope, bro ! _keep yo head up and ya finga on the trigga ready to snap shots, dog ! _if I might express one personal wish - hoping don't mind: more architecure, more citylights, more whatev.'s and, yeah, most def. more people - but please make sure they are dressed ! ...all this fashion-shots make me dislike ya work and self-expression. _ps-> a rather personal touch here and there is absolutely welcome+appropriate, bro. ! _however: maaadPropz from Germany ! _we're actually handball-worldchampions since about half an hour, only to mention this en passant ! (you guys know handball over there across the ocean???! ;-) ///PE(A)CE! ~dari0ne.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure, but I think they know Handball in the states. I've always had an aversion against it, though.

Anonymous said...

Hello Oliver - your photots are really excellent!... and your blog is very interesting. I'm sorry I haven't had much time to explore the web lately- this is a very delayed look at your blog after you left me a nice comment on mine some months ago.

You've made a beautiful composition with this image - the combination of arches and radiating lines really appeals to me. Also, the tonality you achieved using B&W is super.

I used to travel a lot to Frankfurt when I worked for GE in the late '70s. I remember these moving walkways had signs, "Recht steht, links geht!" (pardon my rotten German spelling) - it's a good instruction that we should have posted here in the states!

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

THX! I actually remember comments of yours in my 2006 blog.

Anonymous said...

THAT IS CRAZY!!!!!!! LOVE THIS ONE! One of my favs by you!! :)

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