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Monday, May 22, 2006

Excursion to Brooklyn

Last weekend my Craigslist activities brought me all the way to Brooklyn. I met Ashley O'Neal, an artist who lives and works in the City. Because I was so curious, I took plenty of headshots of her while she answered all the questions I had regarding her life as an artist. The results are numerous images of different facial expressions. I also took pictures while she was working on a large scale painting.
Afterwards, starting from Atlantic Avenue, I walked up Smith street and found a little piece of Cologne in the heart of Brooklyn. Gosh, I sound like a cheap tourist guide. Anyway, what I found was a German-style beer garden beneath huge Gaffel Kölsch umbrellas and (as I learned later) Kölsch beer on tab...kind of unexpected.


Carlos said...

Did you have tried your first Koelsch ?

Oliver said...

I'm still straight edge, Carlos. The Koelsch on tab thing - I found it out in the internet :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi there !
Since you are deep into photography i found a website where people exchange and discuss their pics..

The pictures i saw are high quality and they exchange focus and objective data and so on.. i think it may be of interest for you..


Oliver said...

Yeah I know it. This is my favorite page for sighting great work. The photographs in the gallery are amazing. There is also a more international version (www.fotocommunity.com), but there is less going on compared to the German one. At some point I will create a full account and participate.

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